Pothole problems

FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore. Picture: FT FILE.

“Fixing roads during wet weather a concern”

WORKS being carried out to fix potholes during rainy weather in certain places around Suva have become a concern.

This is an observation by Fiji National University head of School of Transport Etuate Koroi.

Speaking at the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation forum in Suva on Friday, Mr Koroi said the Fiji Roads Authority had spent so much money on fixing roads over the past years.

“One of the things I would like to say is that good and safe roads are important.

Many times I’ve been on the road and your people are repairing roads, burying potholes and I try to slow down to see anyone standing there who knows about roads — there is no one,” Mr Koroi

“I mention on two occasions where I met your men repairing roads during rainy times, we know that there is water in a pothole and then they bury it, and anything that you bury with water will
come up.

“And on top of that, vehicles they don’t slide on the roads.

If it’s not prepared properly, the roads will come out.

I always believe in quality and it is defined as doing something good the first time.

But today we have to fix the roads about five to six times.”

He said money had been wasted because roads were being repaired without personal understanding on how to fix them.

“Your men are just coming in, repairing the roads without knowing what is in it.

“I am just pointing this to you because I have seen this and I have an understanding on something about the road and I am a lecturer on things about transport.”

In response, Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said he agreed with the issue raised by Mr Koroi.

He said they spent close to $20 million to fix the roads across the country. “The problem is that people in the past, they had to work according to targets, when it rains they still have to bury the potholes, there hasn’t been a thought process,” Mr Moore said.

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