Poor network, affordability issues

Natalei-i-ra Tailevu farmers, Anare Varu, (right) and Vuniani Dakuwaqa were among those who raised issues about the Walesi digital platform in relation to the airing of educational lessons. Picture: NILAM KUMAR

Poor network connectivity, affordability and lack of awareness are some of the issues faced by Naitasiri residents in relation to the Walesi digital television platform.

A team from this newspaper visited farmers in Naivorati Village in Lomaivuna, Naitasiri, and Dawasamu, Natalei-i-ra, and noted their issues regarding the network.

David Bainivalu of Lomaivuna said he did not own a TV set because he could not afford one.

He said his three children were deprived of the supplementary education programs aired on Walesi’s educational channel.

“My kids go to primary school, I have no TV and I have no idea about the educational channel,” the 31-year-old said.

“Some people have TV, some don’t, but the problem here, from what I have heard, is that some places it is not very clear.

“Only half of the homes here have power, I am one of those who have no power.”

Natalei-i-ra, Tailevu farmer, Anare Varu, said he, like some people in his community, did not own a TV set. “I depend on radio for news or information,” the 52-year-old father of eight said.

Vuniani Dakuwaqa of Natalei-i-ra Village said he had Walesi but some of the channels were “scrambled”. “It’s hard to catch here,” the 39-year-old said.

“We have picked up the materials from school and we try to teach what we can at home.”

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