Police raid nab 1000-plus plants believed to be marijuana

Plants believed to be marijuana uprooted by Police in one of their earlier raids. Picture: FT FILE/SUPPLIED

A RECENT drug raid in the North has resulted in the seizure of more than 1000 plants believed to be marijuana.

Fiji Police chief of operations Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Maretino Qiolevu did not reveal the areas that were subjected to police raids as investigations were continuing.

He, however, warned communities to stay away from illegal drug cultivation.

“In the last few weeks, we have been to villages and conducted raids and as of now, we have managed to uproot more than 1000 plants believed to be marijuana,” Mr Qiolevu said.

“This is a worrying trend because we are concerned about our children, but we are blessed to have the support of the Government.”

ACP Qiolevu reiterated that the police force would not sympathise with those involved in drug trafficking or drug trade and cultivation.

He said Police would ensure that those involved were taken to task.

“At this stage, we have a lot of invitations from schools which is a good sign and the Government has also taken ownership and has come down hard on drugs.

“Police is ready to work with the communities to raise awareness and eradicate drug problems from our society.”

Earlier this week, ACP Qiolevu had called on non-commissioned officers to serve the public well and not compromise investigations, or move out of the police force.

“Some investigations have no evidence so you better not compromise the investigations. If you are doing things that are not good, people will know and God is watching,” ACP Qiolevu told the officers.

“Sometimes you are a problematic factor, you do not want to listen, sometimes you do things the way you think is right, but not the way of the organisation.”

He made the comment at the opening of the week-long management and leadership training for non-commissioned officers in Labasa.

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