PNG Foreign Minister Pato assures international community

James Marape was sworn in as the eighth Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Thursday at the Government House by Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae. Picture: POST COURIER

PORT MORESBY, 31 MAY 2019 (NBC NEWS PNG) – Papua New Guinea foreign Affairs Minister said Prime Minister James Marape will win great respect for Papua New Guinea from the international community.

In a statement this afternoon, Rimbink Pato assures the international community that PNG will continue to be a responsible global citizen.

He said the Prime Minister will ensure the world views PNG as a responsible country that can stand up for itself and for a peaceful Pacific region and the world.

Minister Pato said, PNG will fulfill its obligations and will work for peace and economic development, particularly in the Pacific which is important for the environmental and peaceful future of all humans.

Pato said Prime Minister Marape is well known and respected by PNG’s closest ally and chief development partner Australia, and her ANZAC colleague, New Zealand, as well as the country’s neighbour Indonesia.

“I am sure that our brothers and sisters in the Blue Pacific will welcome the arrival of Marape as leader of PNG.

“They know he will work in practical ways to ensure that organisations such as the Melanesian Spearhead Group and the Pacific Islands Forum will continue to adopt and progress measures for the good of our maritime continent.

“Japan, our bountiful development partner and dear friend, I am sure will be pleased to see the arrival in our top political position of this man of great capability and stature,” said Pato.

Pato said the United States has long been a good friend of PNG and that with our new Prime Minister, PNG can look forward to more and deeper cooperation.

“Let me now mention that the People’s Republic of China will be pleased with Marape’s appointment.

China is a new friend of PNG and has proven to be a very generous friend.

“Our relationship is relatively new and we are still working out ways of dealing with each other and how financial oversight can work for the benefit of PNG and of China.

“Marape is the right man to lead this work for win-win arrangements, and he will extend the hand of friendship to China.”

Pato said under his leadership, PNG is sure to continue with its close involvement with international groups, whether regional like APEC, APC, ASEAN and the EU or global like the UN and the WTO.

Pato said the new Prime Minister is a man of great principle and courage.

“He is a unifier, and he is widely competent and experienced in key areas.

“May I add one more quality by itself, because it needs to be highlighted by itself.

“James Marape is committed to the ongoing elimination of corruption at all levels of government, and in society as a whole.

Our country will welcome him as Prime Minister with his vow of honesty and integrity.”

Pato said that because his ministerial portfolio was Finance, he understands the crucial factors that will lead to good deals for our country when he leads the negotiations with those who wish to purchase our natural resources.

“He will strike a hard bargain but the world can be assured he will meet his agreements.

The Foreign Affairs minister said this will be a win-win, a win for the people of PNG and a win for those who do business with us.

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