PM Sogavare defends leadership style

Manasseh Sogavare Photo: RNZ

HONIARA, 25 APRIL 2019 (ISLAND SUN) – Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has described his ‘leadership style’ which former politicians have used to remove him through motion of no confidence in the past as nonsense.

Speaking to media in his first press conference in Parliament Wednesday, Sogavare said the mover of past motion of no confidence against him accused him of using Taiwan funds to purchase his private house and employed his nephew.

Sogavare said the same allegations were made against him in 2017 during the motion of no confidence.

“He (mover) told me to resign because they have numbers.

“But I told them I would not resign because I wanted to hear from his mouth why he wanted to take down the Prime Minister,” he said.

Sogavare said the mover’s call was like they wanted to down somebody in the backyard or shopkeeper in Chinatown.

“We are talking about the Head of the Government,” he said.

Sogavare said any other Members of Parliament have owned properties as well.

As such, Sogavare said at the moment he is not clear with the leadership style because his colleague put trust in him now.

“I don’t know but I am matured over time.

“This is my 20 years in Solomon Islands politics,” he said.

“My training came from some of the senior people in politics in Solomon Islands.

“We came from the Mamaloni school of politics in this country,” he added.

He said that’s where some of them groomed to take up leadership.

“I think it came to a point that I am not that type of person that entered politics in 1997 when it was exchanging of words.

“I think we reached a stage where political maturity and leadership maturity we have achieved that,” he said.

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