Plans to fill 175 doctors position

Participants pose for the camera during the Induction of new doctors at the Novotel Convention Centre in Lami on Wednesday, January 16, 2019. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

IN a bid to help improve the administration and quality of health and medical services throughout Fiji, the Ministry of Health have plans to fill another 175 doctors position within the health sector.

This is an initiative listed in the 2019-2020 Budget.

According to budget documents, there are 722 filled positions of which 110 are medical interns.

The administration of doctors’ personal emoluments, now transferred to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services has a budget of $68.5 million.

Meanwhile, the Government has set aside another $2.5 million for community health workers.

This would cater for the salary allowance for community health for workers currently based in Fijian villages and communities, along with operating expenses such as training and capacity building.

The initiative aims to improve and increase the general public’s access to health services.

The total budget for the MOH in 2019-2020 is $349.8 million, comprising of $303.5 million for operating expenditure, $34.7 million for capital expenditure and VAT of $11.5 million.

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