Plans for high-profile institution

Director General National Security and Defence Council Secretariat Timoci Natuva. Picture: FT FILE/RAMA

A HIGH-profile institution is set to be established in Fiji to train national security and defense personnel specifically on intelligence and assessment.

This was confirmed by the director general of Fiji’s National Security and Defence Council Timoci Natuva.

Mr Natuva said one of the major challenges the council faced was the lack of capacity building.

Since Mr Natuva took over the role in 2017, he had recruited a total of 30 staff members including four directors compared with the time when former commissioner of police Esala Teleni was chair with only three staff members.

“We are setting up an institution. This has never been done before in Fiji — an institution to train staff in areas like intelligence and assessment where capacity building is required,” he said.

“Australia and New Zealand are helping us in this area because most of the things for national security strategy (NSS) lacks professionalism. “We don’t have it here in Fiji and this is what we need.”

Mr Natuva said the lack of finance was another challenge they faced.

“There are a lot of challenges because we are still a project and not really established. Hopefully the Ministry of Economy will agree that we are established and have our own budget.

“At the moment we are integrated with the Ministry of Defence and the new director of intelligence is expected to join us this week,” he said.

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