Pillay underscores work to protect natural resources, ecosystems

Turaga mataqali Nareba Semi Malainasiga shows the area where deforestation had occured. Shrubery has now grown months after it was left bare. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Agriculture Ministry will continue working to protect Fiji’s natural resources and ecosystems.

Speaking in Parliament this week, Assistant Minister for Agriculture Viam Pillay said this would be done through the effective enforcement of the Environment Management Act 2005, Endangered and Protected Species Act 2002, Ozone Depleting Substances Act 1998 and Litter Act 2008.

He said the ministry would work towards the improvement and standardisation of all waste disposal sites in the country.

According to Mr Pillay, they would also introduce waste minimisation programs, advocate on minimising the environmental impacts of all developments in the country and introducing of strategies and policies that would protect Fiji’s unique biodiversity.

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