Participants reminded to support women leadership

Participants and stakeholders at the Fiji Institute of Accountants Women in Leadership Inaugural Event. Picture: SUPPLIED

PARTICIPANTS at the Fiji Institute of Accountants Women in Leadership Inaugural event were reminded to support women leadership.

While officiating at the event today,  Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community DevelopmentPremila Kumar highlighted gender issues such as pay parity, discrimination, and the low number of women in boards and committees including parliament and are still debates that capture everyone’s attention.

“I personally believe we must celebrate the fact that there is realization that there is gender disparity and every effort is being made by all stakeholders to promote women in leadership roles. And this is seen through various government policies, private sector initiatives, and civil society actions.” Mrs Kumar said.

“In Fiji, a total of 44 women (17 percent) and 205 men (83 percent) ran in the 2014 election. Women won 8 of the 50 seats in Parliament. That is 16 per cent of parliament were represented by women.”

“In 2018 election a total of 56 (24 percent) women and 235 (76 percent) men stood for the election.  For the first time women representation in parliament increased by 4 percent resulting to 20 percent women MPs.  This is the best result achieved so far for women in leadership.” she said

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