Padarath focuses on workers’ rights

FLP president Lavenia Padarath with newly appointed party secretary Aman Singh and leader Mahendra Chaudhry Picture KALESI MELE

Fiji Labour Party president Lavenia Padarath with party secretary Aman Ravindra-Singh and leader Mahendra Chaudhry. Picture: FILE

WITH the 2018 General Election just days away, Fiji Labour Party candidate Lavenia Padarath remains steadfast in her campaign focusing on workers’ rights.

Mrs Padarath, who has been in politics for the past 20 years, said she was passionate about workers’ rights, particularly civil servants.

She said that FLP would remove the contractual terms that civil servants were currently receiving because of what she claims as a lack of “job security”.

Mrs Padarath stressed that they would also implement a national minimum wage of $3.50 as there has to be fairness with the employer and employees.

She also revealed that they did not prefer classifying between skilled and unskilled workers as it was very condescending.

“If you don’t have a fair minimum wage rate unemployment will rise hence you have to have a balance for the employers and employees,” she said.

Ms Padarath who first started her political career with the Alliance Party said there would be a lot of dialogue and consultations regarding the minimum wage rate with relevant stakeholders.

She said if FLP forms government, then they will make all baby foods zero rated.

She added that they would also remove VAT on basic food items such as flour, rice, oil milk and baby milk.

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