Our gladiators

President, Jioji Konrote with members of the Special Olympics-Fiji delegation to Special Olympics World Summer Games, Abu Dhabi, UAE after they present their I-tatau yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

HIS excellency the President of the Republic of Fiji Jioji Konrote wished the Fiji team well to the Special Olympics in Dubai that left the country last week.

During the team’s traditional itatau ceremony at the State House two weeks ago, Konrote wished the players and officials well on their historic journey to the Middle East as ambassadors of Fiji and addressed the participants in a way he believes that suits them. Mr Konrote was also enthusiastic about addressing the nation on a term he believes is suitable, to refer to our gladiators as they represent our country in the World Games.

“Let me rephrase myself and change a bit of my script now to you ‘people with determination’, sounds good, so we will forget about the term that we commonly use and I want our short presentation this morning printed so that the whole country will know that you are now called people with determination,” Mr Konrote said. Twenty-five athletes and 14 officials were farewelled at the State House with words of encouragement and wisdom instilled in them by the President.

“I congratulate you for your perseverance and hard work that enabled you to be selected in the team and I highly commend the support of your families and friends who I’m sure are happy and have confidence in you to succeed and excel in your quest,” said Mr Konrote.

“Remember we all support you to be good sporting ambassadors of Fiji and a piece of fatherly advice from me to you to look after one another.”


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