Olympian inspires Fijians

Fiji Swim IM Squad with Australian Olympian and Gold Medallist Bronty Barratt. Picture: Supplied

FIJI Swimming continues to develop the sport in the country with the arrival of two Australian swimming Olympians last weekend to undertake swimming classes.

While here, Australian Olympians’ Bronte Barratt and Patrick Murphy will spend time sharing their skills and experiences with Team Fiji Swimming squad to the Pacific Games.

At the Nadi Sports Club last weekend, Barratt took time out to inspire the 2019 individual medley (IM) squad members who are also earmarked to be the future of Fiji Swimming.

Barratt inspired young swimmers on the need for serious commitment to training, diet and mental toughness.

It was also a chance for the young swimmers to ask personal questions on situations she faced such as pressure and nerves before a big race and also how to remain focused.

Barratt started swimming when she was three years old. She competed in her first Olympic Games in 2008 where she won her first gold medal in the 4×200 metres freestyle relay at the Beijing Olympics in China.

Fiji Swimming senior coach William Domonatani said this was a unique opportunity to tap into high level Olympics gold medal winning experience and expertise.

“For our small Pacific Games swimming squad, this is a big boost because it offers the swimmers timely motivation to learn from some of the world’s best in the sport, up close and personal,” Domonatani said.

“For our up and coming IM squad members, learning tips from Barratt comes as a huge lift to what they know in the water.”

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