‘Obstacles we face, we will overcome’

Opposition leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa. Picture: FILE

“THE obstacles we face are not small, but we will overcome.”

This was the comment made by Opposition Leader and SODELPA candidate Ro Teimumu Kepa as Fijians get ready to cast their votes on November 14.

“I have travelled to as many places as possible in the short time we have had. I have heard the ordinary people speaking of their needs, their worries and fears, and their hopes,” Ro Teimumu claimed in a statement issued on Friday.

“We are bombarded constantly by government propaganda about rising prosperity, better incomes and the luxuries of life.But when we strip away the propaganda, we are left with the truth.

“It (truth) lies with the poor and the deprived talking of their daily struggles; to be deprived is to have 30 cents of meat dust, some pieces of tavioka (cassava) and an onion for dinner.”

Ro Teimumu claimed that during the campaign period, she was able to derive another truth.

“The campaign brought home to me vividly another truth.

It was revealed when I decided to speak out against the determined efforts in the past 12 years to undermine indigenous traditions and culture,” she claimed.

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