NTC first local principal expresses joy at alumni meet

From left; Former NTC lecturer Shiu Charan, Alumni Champion Vasu Deo Maharaj and NTC's first local principal Ambika Prasad. Picture: SUPPLIED

NASINU Teachers College first local principal Ambika Prasad has expressed his joy at seeing most of his students and hearing of their experiences since graduating as teachers.

This was possible through the first-ever NTC reunion for 70s graduates that ended at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) Nasinu Campus earlier this week.

“I am so proud of you all and even those who have gone before us or were not able to make it here today. I have been with you all not as your principal, but as your senior colleague and companion during these last few days,” Mr Prasad said.

“This has been a fulfilling and enriching reunion and I am glad we have reconnected as graduates and former staff of NTC and I want us all to continue discussions and decide on what kind of legacy we will leave behind as the NTC 70s graduates.

“No matter how far we’ve gone in life geographically, Fiji will always be home and NTC will always be ours so we must remain connected.”

Mr Prasad also acknowledged the support of FNU in hosting the event on campus and meeting the accommodation and catering needs of the alumni.

“Although NTC has transformed into FNU, I am deeply impressed and grateful to the FNU vice-chancellor and his team for welcoming us back with warm hearts and we are proud to see where the university is heading towards as the national institution of Fiji.”

FNU Alumni Relations Manager Artila Devi said the university was proud to have hosted such a distinguished group of alumni.

“The idea of holding our alumni close to us at the university is really to keep us connected and build on the history of the university. Various divisions and departments of FNU went out of their way to ensure that this reunion was a success and enjoyed by all,” Ms Devi said.

More than 100 alumni were part of the three-day reunion that was officially opened last Sunday by Education Minister Rosy Akbar.

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