Niue Premier rejects SOE shareholding allegations

Niue Premier Sir Toke Talagi, speaking at the official opening ceremony of the island's 5th Arts and Cultural Festival 2017. Picture: RNZ

Niue’s Premier, Sir Toke Talagi, rejects allegations his shareholdings in state-owned enterprises are illegal.

On Tuesday, RNZ Pacific reported that New Zealand was investigating the claims, which were made by opposition MP O’Love Jacobsen.

Sir Toke holds shareholdings in at least 3 state-owned enterprises, two of which are listed as private companies.

But he told the blog Talaniue Ms Jacobsen’s allegations were misleading and false.

Sir Toke said his shares in the companies are held in his capacity as the Finance Minister.

He said his cousin Billy Talagi holds shares in one company because he was the acting Finance Minister when it was registered.


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