NFU to stand by farmers

THE National Farmers Union says it will continue to be the voice of farmers, irrespective of race, colour and religion. T

he statement follows last week’s arrest of NFU president Surendra Lal for allegedly threatening to disrupt the ongoing harvesting season.

Mr Lal was arrested last Monday and released a day after.

In an interview with this newspaper, he said NFU would remain committed to looking after the welfare of farmers.

“I was only doing my job and attended the Lorry Operators Association meeting as a farmer, and to represent our NFU members,” he said.

“The police were good to me during my detention but we need to let the farmers sort this matter out because we know best.

“We farmers will pay more with the restricted gross weight and I hope good sense prevails at the end of this grace period on July 7.”

NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry strongly condemned the arrest describing such act by police as an abuse of power.

Mr Chaudhry said authorities were resorting to strongarm tactics to intimidate union officials who were simply doing their work and responding to the call of their members.

“Let me warn the authorities that such dirty tactics will not deter the NFU from standing by the farmers and upholding their rights,” he said.

“The police are supposed to be law enforcement officers.

“What hope can there be for the people if the police themselves act unlawfully to arrest and detain union officials as a form of harassment?”

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