New bridge for Naisogovau villagers

Naisogovau villagers joins Mahendra Reddy on their new foot bridge in Tailevu. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

A NEW footbridge to help ease the lives of more than 300 villagers of Naisogovau in the province of Tailevu was opened today by the Minister of Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy.

Dr Mahendra Reddy said the total material and labour cost of the new footbridge was only $3,867.

” We did it ourselves at a total material and labour cost of $3,867 with our staff and with a bit of help from the villagers and thanks to the Ministry that we have assisted in getting this project done and it means a lot to the villagers.” –

He said though the project was small it would still make a huge difference to lives of those living in the village of Naisogovau.

“The amount looks small but it means a lot to the villagers there’s about 300 people on the other side of that creek who are affected and there only way of crossing before we the use of coconut trunks.”

Village headman, Wame Tokia acknowledged the Ministry for their assistance and said the new footbridge would assist the villagers greatly.


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