Need to talk more about criminal law issues with wider audience: Pryde

Director of Public Prosecutions ( DPP) Christopher Pryde. Picture: LITIA CAVA

THE need to talk more about criminal law issues with a wider audience was highlighted today by the Director of Public Prosecutions ( DPP), Christopher Pryde.

In his address during the ODPP annual conference, Mr Pryde said discussions must not only be limited to their learned friends from the private defence Bar and those from all the Legal Aid Commission but also those from non-government organisations (NGOs).

Mr Pryde said the DPP office remained work progress and it continued to learn when the office reviewed and challenged its procedures and approaches.

He said the DPP’s office¬†was not wedded to a particular approach in terms of prosecuting sexual crimes in Fiji, other than what the law required and that the office remained open to challenge in terms of methodology and approach.

The theme of the two-day conference is ‘Prosecuting sexual crime in Fiji – Are we on the right track?’

Speakers at the conference include representatives from Government, NGOs and consultants whose work centres around the said theme.

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