Need for specific commodities to meet market demands

Minister for AgricultureDr Mahendra Reddy with farmers in Nasealevu during his two days visit to North. Picture: SUPPLIED

GOVERNMENT would soon link farmers directly to specific markets provided farmers specialized in the production of the commodity in demand says Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy.

He said there was however a need to specialize and produce specific commodities to meet market demands was reiterated in the Northern Division.

“Farmers who are fully dependent on Government is now no longer being entertained, we don’t want dependent farmers. However, we want to provide you with the market, whereby your produce is bought from the farm gate,” he said.

“For this, the Ministry will identify and will advise farmers on what particular crop they should produce, and this recommended crop will be planted all year round whereby farmers will not have to worry about their market as we will link them directly to the market.”

He said a farmers biggest fear was finding a market and the Government would remove this fear from the farmers.

“This new initiative will guide the growth of the agriculture sector as it is anticipated that through it, exports will increase, contributing to the country’s economy and GDP,” Minister Reddy said.

“To initiate this, we soon will be sending one commodity officer to the Northern Division who will conduct the survey and identify farmers, as well as what crops they will be advised to produce.”

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