Namau’s miracle baby – Part 2

NURSE Anaseini Vulalevu packed a few items and wrapped them carefully in a white bed sheet.

She also gave Peni Qiokata vital delivery instructions which he was to relay to Mariana Naidole and other women at the Namau Public School evacuation centre when he safely reached the other side of the river.

With wind gusts ripping through the air and angry flood waters flowing across the Namau crossing, the chances of Peni making it alive to the other side seemed slim.

“I had never come across an emergency like this in my life, especially during a raging cyclone. I was worried about Sherin but I trusted the man Peni. I told myself if he was brave enough to come and see me then he would be determined enough to make it across alive, deliver the parcel and give the right delivery instructions,” Anaseini said

“I gave him specific steps to give Mariana like how to hold the baby’s head, how to remove the baby from the birth canal, what to do when the baby was out and where to cut the umbilical cord. I also gave him instructions on what to do to the mother after the baby was out, checking the placenta and massaging the mother’s stomach to ensure all parts have been expelled.”

During childbirth, once the placenta is delivered it is examined to see whether it is intact.

If it isn’t then it is a sign some parts of the afterbirth are still inside so the uterus is usually inspected manually to remove any placental fragments.

Peni said cramming all delivery steps in a short while and during a disaster reminded him of learning something by heart before exams during his school years, only this time two lives were at stake and if he failed there were serious consequences, including death.

“After nurse Ana spoke to me I felt as if a huge burden had been placed my shoulders and that every single person at the evacuation centre was counting on me. I crossed the river just the way I came and for every step, I made I thought of God and his protection.”

Anaseini said while she had faith in Peni she still had doubts. All she could do too was a breakdown in prayer and ask for divine intervention.

“As soon as Peni disappeared in front of me, I started praying for him that he may cross the river and return safely. I also prayed for the mother who was in labour at the school that she would face no complication and live to see her child. I prayed for the unborn baby too.”

Anaseini did not hear from Peni again until the next morning.

Minutes before Peni returned to the school’s sick bay, Mariana could see in Sherin’s body language and eyes that the baby was going to come out in a matter of seconds.

“Sherin was in those last moments of pain, you know just before the final push and birth. She said she couldn’t hold it on any longer so I just told her to give a good push.”

“The baby’s head was out. Something in me just told me to trust my gut feeling. I just reached out my hands, took the baby’s head and pulled it out gently, as if I had done this before. He started crying and I saw that it was a baby boy. As he sounded his cries, people outside started shouting and clapping. I exhaled and felt happy inside me that it was all over.”

Like clockwork, Peni arrived just in time with the parcel of instruments from Anaseini.

He told Mariana what she had to do and how to use the instruments.

The baby’s umbilical cord was cut according to measurements given by Peni.

Peni also gave all the minor details of how to remove the placenta which was important because any retained placenta could be life-threatening for Sherin, resulting in infection and even death.

Mariana followed Peni’s instructions and successfully delivered the afterbirth.

She also cleaned the baby, wrapped him in a bed sheet and gave him to his mum to hold.

Sherin’s husband could not hold back his tears.

He was happy his son and wife made it.

But the newborn baby could not stop crying because he was hungry.

Sherin’s breasts were both empty.

She had a true lactation failure.

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