Nabua brawl not related to drugs – says ACP Khan

Sukanaivalu rep Sekove Serukalou (left), Police chief operations Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdul Khan and Mead Road rep Filipe Kuruvoli meet at the Nabua Police Station on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

The brawl in Nabua, Suva is not related to drugs, says police chief operations officer Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan.

However, he said police were still carrying out investigations and as far as they were concerned, drugs were not an issue.

“So far we have not identified drugs as an issue, but there can be many factors out there and that can be one of it, but let us do the investigations and get statements,” he said.

ACP Khan said police have been able to identify key players from within the two Nabua communities to assist them with the ongoing brawl investigation.

“These are influential people that are out there, whom these youths look high upon and they listen to them, so we brought them here to discuss, for them to go and talk to the youths and see the way forward.

“We cannot say that through these key players we will eliminate the issue, but yes, there are ways and means of dealing with it and discussing the way forward and definitely this will somehow see that the tension will diffuse in the area.”

He said the brawl that erupted on Tuesday afternoon was connected to the Easter weekend melee.

He said 30 police officers were deployed to the area to monitor the situation. “We have standby teams and at any given time we can deploy close to 120 officers.”

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