Nabou accident survivor refutes ‘wild’ comments on accident

(l-r) DAVEND and ANJILA SHARMA at their home in Malolo, Nadi. The couple were involved in the Nabou accident last Saturday. Picture: REPEKA NASIKO/FILE

DAVEN Sharma said he was clear on what events had occurred as he had been involved.

“There was no vehicle overtaking another, there was no speeding by the mini-van and the only vehicle that was not where it was supposed to be was the Grace Road Food Company truck,” he said.

“I was travelling at 60km/ph when the accident happened. When the Grace Road Food Company truck hit me, my speedometer was locked at 60. The mini-van in front would have been travelling at 65km/ph, I can verify that because I was two car-lengths behind it.”

Police issued a statement last Saturday that the Grace Road Food Company had veered off its track and gone into the oncoming lane. Mr Sharma was travelling from Nadi to Sigatoka with his wife Anjila, when the accident happened.

“I heard on the radio and heard about comments being made on Facebook where people were making up all kinds of wild stories. “They were not there, they didn’t see what happened.

“I was travelling behind the mini-van, going from Nadi to Sigatoka and the Grace Road Food Company truck was heading towards Nadi when it suddenly came into our lane.

“From what I saw, it appeared that that mini-van driver turned to try and avoid hitting the truck.

“The truck hit the van almost head-on but more towards the passenger side, then it scraped the passenger side of the van that’s when the people sitting inside fell out.

“It happened so fast and before I could react, the back of the truck hit my vehicle before coming to a stop.” Six young men including a 16-year-old student were killed in the accident.

A seventh victim Josevata Saukuru from Sikituru Village died yesterday morning at the Lautoka Hospital.

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