Motibhai Group 90th Anniversary: Duty-free trade

The late Faiz Khan, Airports Fiji Ltd executive chairman, in a jovial mood with Prouds Duty-Free Stores manager Ashwin Chand when the new look departure store opened in November 2015. Picture: SUPPLIED

As the world marks the 70th anniversary of the duty-free trade, the pioneer of duty-free outlets in Fiji also marked a milestone with the completion of its brand new departures store at the revamped Nadi International Airport.

The Motibhai Group has been providing world-class duty free services for travellers arriving and departing our shores at Fiji’s biggest international gateway since 1971.

Group chairperson Kirit Patel said 2017 marked more than four and a half decades of duty-free trade in the country by the Motibhai Group.

“We have an unbroken record of 46 years as far as duty free and travel retail is concerned and this segment of our business has literally evolved with the tourism sector and the economic prosperity of our beloved country,” he said.

“We are an internal part of the world duty-free scene. In the intervening years we have brought innovation and world class operations at Nadi Airport duty-free store so much so that we have received coveted International Frontier Marketing Awards.”

The awards include Best New Outlet – 1985, Best Marketing Award – 1986, Downtown Border Retailer of the Year – 1988 and Airport Retailer of the Year – 1992.

“These international awards are significant recognition of our duty-free operations.

“Having won numerous awards and recognitions at an international storage, I believe we have an unbroken world record to be one of the oldest airport duty-free operators,” said Mr Patel.

“More importantly we have always presented our offerings to meet the exacting requirements of ever changing passenger mix. This has been the hallmark of our success, as passenger satisfaction is of paramount importance.”

Mr Patel said the gradual development of Nadi International Airport over the years from when it was established in the 1940s had created opportunities for generations of travellers and business operators.

“I wish to commend the management of Airports Fiji Ltd for carrying on the good work and keeping up with the times via its modernisation project to enable a world-class shopping and travelling experience for visitors to our shores.”

Airports Fiji Ltd executive chairperson Faiz Khan commended the Motibhai Group for its long service of duty-free and travel retail industry.

“Nadi International Airport has transformed itself to meet the modern traveller’s needs,” he said.

“An important part of our airport experience is duty-free shopping. Our passengers have the luxury of choosing from world renowned brands that is made available at our duty-free outlets such as Prouds.”

This report was published on The Fiji Times August 12 2017.

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