More recruited in defence review committee

Director General National Security and Defence Council Secretariat Timoci Natuva. Picture: FT FILE/RAMA

THE number of staff in the defence review committee has been increased from three to 24 staff.

This was revealed by the National Security and Defence Council secretariat director general Timoci Natuva while making submissions before the Standing Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs this morning.

The issue came to light after SODELPA Opposition MP Anare Jale said there had been a change in the structure since he took the role of chairman from former commissioner of police EsalaTeleni.

In response, Mr Natuva said he noticed there was need to recruitment more people after the noticed the work they needed to achieve.

“When Teleni was working as the chairman there was only three staff and he was working alone, there no other staff with him but when I came in 2017 in October I started recruiting more people on board, now the structure is around 24 staff additional to that we have secondment staff from the police, navy and military,” he said.

“I found the structure that was done couldn’t cater for the huge responsibility we have, then I seek assistance from the Commissioner of Police and RFMF commander to assist us in this area also in capacity building in our operations.”

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