Ministry supports youth farming

Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar at Navuniivi Village in Ra. Picture: ANISH CHAND

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will support youth groups who want to venture into farming.

Minister Parveen Kumar made the comments at Navuniivi Village in Ra on Friday while handing over farming equipment to the Navitilevu Youth Club.

“The farming equipment that is being given to you today will assist you in land cultivation that has been given to you by village elders,” he said.

“In the face of COVID-19, my ministry is going to support more youth farms to promote food security and income source from the farm to the market.”

The Navitilevu Youth Club was also recognised for planting mangroves on the shores of their island.

“I recommend the work that the youth group does for climate change adaptation in the form of your beachfront mangrove restoration project and marine protected area is exactly the type of activity that is encouraged by Government today.”

Mr Kumar says the staff members of the ministry will join the youth group in the next phase of mangrove planting.

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