Ministry hopes to save more lives through program

IN the hope of saving lives from drowning, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will review its recent $23 million budget to determine swimming programs for the North.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, Alison Burchell, said they had started the programs in Suva and the West.

She said it was imperative and important for children to learn to swim.

Her comments came after reports from around the country of children drowning.

The ministry plans to the take the program to the North.

“We can sure bring it to the North, but we need to see the details of the budget,” she said.

“We had actually put in that request for our budget submission that we have this swimming program in the North.

“In order for this to happen, we will also need to train young people as trainers who can carry out the program.”

Ms Burchell said her team worked closely with the Ministry of Education for other physical education programs in school. The ministry was allocated $23m in the 2017/2018 National Budget.

Ms Burchell added that development programs for the community and youths would also be included.

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