Minister confirms investigation

Opposition leader Professor Biman Prasad speaking with the Minister for Employment Parveen Kumar during a break in the parliamentary sitting. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

ROAD contractor China Railway Group 5 is being investigated for alleged breaches of workers’ pay and work entitlements, Employment Minister Parveen Kumar told Parliament this week.

“I wish to inform this House that the ministry did receive complaints from the workers and I would like to inform the House that those matters are still under investigation for overtime hours payment, meal allowance and sick leave,” he said.

Mr Kumar was responding to comments made by Opposition parliamentarian and spokesman on labour Mikaele Leawere.

Mr Leawere had raised concerns about the way China Railway Group 5 had treated its employees.

“During the China Railways 5 (project), workers were not issued pay slips, no appropriate pay for work done after hours and had their time punched by company staff,” he said.

“This is just one example. There may be others that need to be investigated and I call on the Honourable Minister to have a look and investigate this. How on earth on almost half a century after our independence, we can still allow our workers to be exploited in this way.”

China Railway Group 5 was awarded a maintenance contract for the Central Division in 2018.

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