Mills reap good results

Fiji Sugar Corporation Chief Executive Officer Graham Clark speaks to the farmers during a meeting with farmers in Moto Ba. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FILE

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation’s (FSC) Lautoka and Labasa mills have crushed 70,000 tonnes of cane as of last week on Thursday.

FSC chief executive officer Graham Clark said after a “slow start” both factories “have been steadily performing well and throughput is increasing”.

“We have achieved the 5000 tonnes per day mark as of Thursday, for both mills, which is good for the sugar factories,” he said.

“As of Thursday, the two mills had collectively crushed 70,000 tonnes, this should increase to 100,000 tonnes by the weekend.”

Mr Clark said new equipment and refurbishment at both mills were reaping good results.

He said the Lautoka mill’s diffuser plant was averaging an extraction rate of 97 per cent, up by two points from last year.

Mr Clark added that while TCTS (tonnes of cane to tonne of sugar) was high, this was usually the case during season start-ups.

He said both mills were on track to achieve less than 10 TCTS this season — at present Lautoka’s TCTS was around 12 and Labasa was just under 10.

The FSC is expecting a total crush of around 1.9 million tonnes of cane this season.

Last year the mill crushed 1.69m tonnes of cane and produced 160,200 tonnes sugar.

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