Million dollar refurbishment on Suva supermarket

Food City Supermaekt director and chief financial officer Nazeel Buksh says their new supermarket on Rodwell Rd, opposite the Suva Bus Stand, would open this month.

ABOUT 60 new jobs will be created once the new Food City Supermarket is opened at Rodwell Road this month.

This was confirmed by the supermarket’s director and chief financial officer Nazeel Buksh.

The soon-to-be refurbished supermarket is situated opposite the Suva Bus Stand, which was formerly Food 4 Less supermarket.

The supermarket is the sister company of Lokia Shopping Centre Ltd.

Mr Buksh said they were awarded the tender of the place by Kelton Investments Ltd in July this year with a lease of nine years.

He also revealed that they had prior interest in the site, and seized the opportunity after the previous tenant had closed down its supermarket.

“We, all who are in the supermarket business, know the potential of this place as it is next to the bus stand, the flea market and the arcade,” said Mr Buksh.

He adds that the supermarket location will attract a lot of foot traffic as it was a walking distance from the Suva Municipal Market.

“We were initially planning to open on November 2, 2018, but due to delays in renovation works and the arrival of equipment it has taken time,” said Mr Buksh.

Mr Buksh said Food City Supermarket would be a retail store which is expected to feature enhanced standards from its former state.

Given the number of other retail outlets along the Rodwell Rd stretch, he said they would also concentrate on consumer convenience and the quality of their products.

“The current market trend is not just about the price. The customers look at the quality of the services a supermarket provides, the convenience of shopping, the range of products we offer, these are all the factors in driving the consumers interest,” he said.

Mr Buksh said they had already spent about $1 million on the supermarket project with total capital expenditure pegged to reach between $1.2 and $1.5million once fully completed.

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