Melbourne Cup: Local punters eager for race

Punters queue up to place their bets at Grants Betting in Suva. Picture: FILE PICTURE

THIS year’s Melbourne Cup is expected to once again draw huge attention from local punters as seen in the past years.

Grants Betting operations manager Vijen Kumar Sundar said despite the event being overshadowed by Diwali tomorrow, punters have been showing a lot of interest in this afternoon’s race.

“Just like every year, there is a lot of following. I urge people to bet within their budget. You don’t need to bet for hundreds of dollars. You can bet as low as 50 cents. It is for fun for a lot of people to get into the mood of the race.” he said.

Sundar wished all the punters the very best and added that the race this year is very interesting with the build-up races producing mixed results.

The Melbourne Cup race will be held at 5pm today.

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