May the best team win!

The final of the sub junior boys 4x100m event in the Kalabu Secondary School and Basden College inter-house at the ANZ Stadium yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE idea of two schools combining to have one athletics competition will boost the competition level of athletes, giving their best for their individual schools.

Basden College and Kalabu Secondary School had their inter-house and trials competition together at the ANZ Stadium in Suva two weeks ago with the aim of setting the bar for the athletes to be competitive.

Kalabu Secondary School principal Kiran Narayan said the agreement between the two schools would benefit them both.

“It’s a good idea to compete against Basden College on our inter-house meet because it brings out the capabilities within the students to compete at a competitive pace and we can select the best for the zone meet,” said Narayan.

The two schools also agreed to host their competition on the same day at the same venue because of the financial cost that will be easier for the two schools to spend equally.

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