Market vendors grateful for assistance

Murgessan at his stall. Picture: SUPPLIED

Vijay Kumaran, 49, and Murgessan, 54, of Raviravi, Ba now have their own improved roadside stalls.

The vendors received the assistance from government.

The pair have been selling fruits and vegetables along the roadside in a makeshift shelter for more than two decades.

According to Mr Kumaran the stalls had enough space for them to display their products as well as provide ample space for storage and comfortable seating.

“For markets like these, it’s the space and display that’s very important.

If you have enough space for all your products and they are displayed well, customers will surely stop and buy from you.

“These stalls have really lifted marketing of goods to another level and I think it’s really good,” he said in a statement by the Industry Trade and Tourism Ministry.

Mr Kumaran said with the revenue from his stall he was able to look after his parents and provide for their needs.

“My mother and father live with me and the money I get from selling is really helping me a lot. “With the new stall, I can get $200 a week and sometimes more. This has enabled me to buy things which I could not afford before.

“I am able to buy from other farmers, if I don’t have enough stock to sell,” he said.

Mr Murgessan also shared the same sentiments as he had customers who admired the stalls.

“These stalls are very different, they’re nice and very attractive. I have customers who come by, just to see the stall first and then later buy.

“They admire the stall so much that they sometimes forget to take their fruits or vegetables with them.

“This is very good for us farmers, because it’s an indication that our customers will continue to buy from us,” he said. With the increasing attention Mr Murgessan said he would work hard to plant new crops.

“I have two daughters, one is teaching and now married, the other daughter is in high school, and my wife stays home and makes sweets and plant flowers to sell here at the stall.

“With the money I get, which is about $180 to $200 dollars a week, I am able to send my youngest daughter to high school, pay our bills and buy whatever they want,” he said.

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