Man jailed for attacking own family

A 25-YEAR-OLD man who pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of act with intent to cause grievous harm has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the High Court in Suva.

Ilisoni Kalouteretere admitted that on June 11, he had an argument with his 27-year-old wife after work about his children whereby he blamed her for not disciplining them.

The court heard that he assaulted his pregnant wife on one occasion.

The next day while having another argument with his wife, he saw his three-year-old adopted daughter playing with dirt.

It was revealed in court that he lashed out on his daughter and started hitting her with a stick until it broke, hit her with a wooden handle of a kitchen knife.

He then packed her in a sack before hitting her with a phone charger and a wooden handle of a broom.

According to the medical examination revealed in court, the child sustained injuries on her face and upper back to the extent where she was hospitalised.

In another separate incident on June 13, when Kalouteretere returned home from work, he found his four-year-old daughter in a distress condition and started slapping her until she bled.

Justice Goundar revealed that Kalouteretere further hit his daughter several times on the hands and back with a wooden handle of a broom.

He added that the violence Kalouteretere had inflicted on his family was not only “savage” but senseless.

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