Man hopes for rise in welfare fund

Waimakutu villagers at the pre-polling station at their village in Namosi. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

SEVENTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD Wainimakutu villager Ratu Sikeli Kelekeleivalu attended the pre-polling station at the village hall on a wheelchair to cast his vote, hoping the newly-elected government would increase the welfare fund to support him with his daily needs.

The welfare funds given to individuals over the age of 55 is $100 per month. Ratu Sikeli, who has been on a wheelchair for more than three years, believes that they need an increase because of the rising cost of living they are facing.

“I want the new government to increase our social welfare funds because I have medication that I need to buy and also paying for transport from the village to town or the nearest medical centre because the buses don’t travel here every hour so I have to pay for my own transport,” Ratu Sikeli said.

“This Government has increased our funds, but it’s not enough compared with what we face and the cost of living.

“This is probably my fourth or fifth election and the funds given to the elderly does not meet what we need. Despite surviving, we still need to buy other things and I hope there will be a change to this issue.”

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