LTA reminds motorists of window tinting

MOTORISTS have been reminded that window tinting on the front window should not be less than 70 per cent, while the rear and side windows should not be less than 60 per cent visible light transmittance (VLT).

In a statement yesterday, LTA clarified that this meant that driver’s front window could not be more than 30 per cent dark, while the side and rear windows should not be more than 40 per cent dark.

LTA said if vehicles presented for test at LTA facilities or at an authorised test facility, or if a vehicle was subject to a roadside check and their window tints were found to exceed the legal limits, they would be required to remove the window tinting immediately.

“The LTA have sophisticated digital window tint meters properly calibrated which officers are trained to use to measure the tint intensity,” LTA highlighted in the statement.

“Car window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission (VLT) levels, which are measured as percentage. So when you see a window tint being referred to as a percentage, this is the VLT.”

LTA added that most installers would be able to tell drivers with one look and be correct within about 5 per cent.

The authority said this was because they did the job every day and were familiar with it, however, they reiterated that their enforcement officials and many professionals used a device to get a VLT reading that was extremely precise.

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