LTA ‘alarmed’ by bus driver fraud rate

LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson. Picture: FT FILE

THE Land Transport Authority (LTA) has revealed an alarming rate of driver fraud. LTA chief executive officer Samuel Simpson said after checking 108,946 buses as part of its e-ticketing operations from June 2018 to June 2019, LTA discovered that revenue checks on buses resulted in the issuance of 3246 TINs.

He said passengers received the highest number of TINs with 1811, followed by bus drivers accounting for 1202, while misuse of a subsidised card received 233 TINs.

Each TIN issued attracted a penalty of $150.

“We do encourage bus operators to compel bus drivers as part of their daily duties to check the e-ticketing transactions to ensure fares compliance,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Mr Simpson said this would have the effect of ensuring that everyone paid the correct fare and would also boost revenue of bus operators.

LTA also encouraged bus operators to deal effectively with their employees that were taking money out of the cash box and denying it to their employers.

“Resolute action by the bus operators will further enhance the revenue yield.

“This is wholly within the direct control of the bus operators,” Mr Simpson said.

“The LTA will share with the bus operators the details of TINs issued to their employees if requested. So far no requests have been forthcoming which is disappointing.

“The e-ticketing operation is an ongoing operation for LTA to ensure that all stakeholders get the revenue which they are entitled to and customers pay the correct fare for the journey being undertaken, and the drivers do not appropriate cash from the fare box.”

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