Loss in revenue and customers does little to hold back SME

Bula Coffee is available at cafes such as Ginger Kitchen, Contain Yourself and legacy Cafe. Picture: SUPPLIED

Despite a loss in revenue and customers because of COVID-19 Bula Coffee based in Sigatoka continues to deliver Fiji coffee around Fiji, NZ and Australia.

Bula Coffee spokesman Luke Fryett said with the tourism industry essentially shutting down with the closing of the border, Bula Coffee had to move fast to ensure they could continue to function and support their coffee harvesters and staff members.

He said with the borders closed and freight costs increased Bula Coffee continued to supply the New Zealand market by roasting some of their coffee in New Zealand, ensuring that the demand in NZ could be met with out a big increase in price.

With the 2020 harvest season now in progress coffee was proving to be a good income for those that had lost their jobs or struggling during this global pandemic.

“We are also harvesting coffee in Taveuni and Vanua Levu with small processing units set up there.”

He said many of the cafes that are using Bula Coffee in Fiji continue to be open – Contain Yourself cafe, Ginger Kitchen, Colo-i-Suva Rainforest retreat and Palm Court Bistro in Suva, while Legacy Cafe in Pacific Harbour and The Projects Collective on the coral coast are also serving up Bula Coffee daily.

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