Look Back: Man recovering at Hospital after being stoned

The light goods vehicle parked off the road at Saru, Lautoka on Saturday, April 16. It stopped at the grass slope after the driver was hit by a stone. Picture: FILE

A driver of a light good’s vehicle who was driving home after attending a wedding at Lautoka was hit on the head with a stone.

The incident led to the driver having to park his vehicle abruptly to seek help.

The Fiji Times reported on Monday, April 18, 1988, that the driver was recovering in the Lautoka Hospital.

Umesh Chand 21, of Mulomulo Nadi was rushed to the hospital by nearby residents after the attack at Saru, Lautoka between 11pm and midnight.

Stones were also thrown at a shop about 20 metres away soon after the first incident occurred.

Mr Chand’s father, Bis Nath, a farmer of Mulomulo said his son was in a serious condition on Saturday.

Mr Chand worked as a driver for Suruj Deo Singh of Drasa/Vitogo, a truck operator who also owned the Datsun 1200 van.

According to the report, Mr Chand had taken the van to a wedding and was returning home with another person when the incident happened.

A nearby resident, Pusp Chand, said he was called out from his home by another person who said the driver had been hit by a stone.

Mr Chand said he called a relative who had a car, and they took Umesh to the hospital. Police were at the scene after the incident and again on Saturday morning (April 16).

At the Sunshine Store further down the road, Ambika Nand, the youngest son of the owner said two or three stones landed on the roof of the building about 11.30pm too.

He said family members were in their house behind the shop when the stones landed from the directions of the road in front of the building.

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