Logavatu reaps fruit of trusting himself and wise use of time

Ratu Marika Logavatu graduated today from the University of the South Pacific's Faculty of Business and Economics with a Bachelors of Commerce. Picture: VILIMAINA NAQELEVUKI

IF you continue to believe in yourself, this will be more than enough for you to continue to pursue your dreams.

These were the words of Ratu Marika Logavatu who graduated today with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of the South Pacific.

Mr Logavatu said the journey throughout the past three years of his studies was not an easy one to follow.

“Challenges were met along the way so it was a matter of how we were going to overcome those things, which brought us to this celebrations today,” Mr Logavatu said.

He said the idea of managing your time wisely was something he had to learn to do while in university.

“Just the idea of balancing the obligations at home and the assignment, and workload in school provides a good insight into how we should participate in the workforce in the future,” he said.

Mr Logavatu praises the Lord and his parents for always being there for him and helping him throughout his journey.

The 22-year-old was among 726 students who graduated today from the USP’s Faculty of Business and Economics.

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