Letters to the Editor: Tuesday September 17,2019

Fiji Airways Fijian Drua rep Poasa Waqanibau tries to make his way through the Western Force defence during their match at the ANZ Stadium in Suva on Saturday, September 07, 2019. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Heartbreak for Drua

THE Fiji Airways Fijian Drua suffered a heartbreaker as the NSW Country Eagles scored a try in the 81st minute and then converted the try to lock the match (24-24).

The Drua almost had four points in the bag but lapse in concentration saw our boys return home with only two points and now Seruvakula’s men have to win the remaining matches with bonus point and hope that some upsets take place.

This Saturday, at Churchill Park, our warriors face Sydney Rays who upset Queensland Country (47-26) and the Drua must prove their worth and win their first match.

The boys must take advantage of this home game and settle for nothing else but a bonus point win.

It’s not over yet and our boys know they have the guts and passion to win the match.

I believe Seruvakula needs to motivate and psyche the boys to make this happen.

While our Flying Fijians will face Australia, the Drua needs a win at home.


Relocation offer

AT the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting in Tuvalu this year, there was a renewed offer from Fiji to Tuvaluans for relocation places because of the effects of climate change if and when the need arose.

Days later, a permanent secretary in Fiji acknowledged through mainstream media that having homeless people living on our streets was a national issue.

Incidentally, because of climate change, there are talks and moves to relocate our vulnerable communities.

As intriguing as it sounds, when we are ourselves struggling to house all Fijians, where will the inbound Tuvaluans live?

How can this offer be realistically achieved?



Fighting NCDs

THE fight against NCDs is real and getting tougher.

It’s simple as changing the rules of the game over a period of time.

I believe we all enjoyed switching from healthy traditional meals to artificial and fast foods.

Despite having so much knowledge, we experimented many things and now regard its consequences as a killer in the form of NCDs.

Education and awareness is now spread to those who are literate.

I believe it’s a matter of changing our attitude towards healthy lifestyle.

The reverse therapy is going back to what we enjoyed before.

I believe food without preservatives, fruits and vegetables without pesticides is the answer.

Regular 30 minutes exercise is a bonus. Just think seriously and realise that your precious lives are in your good hands.

Eat the right food in right amount!

It’s simple. Don’t regret later.


Fixing streetlights

FROM my viewpoint, it seems the Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) has a low priority in fixing streetlights.

On September 4, I reported by phone about the streetlights at Mehrotra Place and was told that customer service would contact me with a complaint number.

This did not happen until I sent an email on the 6th.

I was advised that they did call but the call did not get through and the time-frame to repair was 10 working days.

I replied that this was too long.

There is a safety aspect involved. Yesterday was the 16th with two weekends gone.

I believe the FRA should be more efficient since streetlights are a priority because safety and security of the residents are involved.

My impression of the FRA so far, I am sad to say, is that it is not really customer focused, not in Nadi.

I plead with the Minister for Infrastructure to please do something in resetting FRA’s priority or on repairing streetlights.

NORMAN YEE Martintar, Nadi

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