Letters to the Editor: Saturday November 7, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jnr connects a left jab onto Anthony Joshua's face during their heavy bout. Picture: sports.yahoo.com

Great boxing match

The heavyweight re-match showdown between Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia is set to attract millions of eyes.

Earlier Mexican-American Ruiz had produced one of boxing’s biggest upsets when he dethroned the previously undefeated Anthony Joshua with a seventh round stoppage at New York’s Madison Square Garden after having knocked down Joshua four times in their bout in June.

Ruiz Jr has suffered only one defeat in 34 fights after losing a majority decision to Joseph Parker in 2016.

Hence, I’m picking Andy Ruiz Jr to continue with his effective strategy and outclass Anthony Joshua! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu


Fish stock

Why isn’t anyone in authority listening to the man who has 55 years under his belt of making a living out of the ocean?

Several years ago I sought advice from Grahame Southwick about getting into the fishing industry and I am thankful to him for the solid advice he gave me.

It is a joke that our fisheries is sustainable at the level it is today, he says, and he is absolutely correct.

He has the solution but no one is taking him seriously.

He, most of all, knows best and he, most of all, is the single authority that we need to be taking advice from as opposed to those with no fishing experience who attend conferences and workshops to discuss sustainability.

I also urge Opposition MP, Ro Filipe Tuisawau, to seek advice from Mr Southwick on the matter instead of jumping the gun, saying to investigate the status of PAFCO operations in Levuka.

No fish, no PAFCO, no jobs. What else do we expect?

IMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu


Those tablets

This is a letter that was published some time in 2014.

Need for a language upgrade? A news item said that all MPs would be getting a “tablet” each.

How would we translate this in to the iTaukei language?

I know what my bubu, (God rest her soul) would have said, “Se bera mada ga ni tekivu na palimedi, sa soli tale vei ira na tablet, e cava, sa mosi na uludratou?”

(Parliament hasn’t started, and they will be given a tablet each. Do they already have headaches?”)

Now may I ask if the tablets are still around, upgraded or discarded? And what happened to the tablets that were going to be given to students? Is this project still in the pipeline. (Hehe.. I love that — pipeline)

ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Teachers’ issues

When talking with teachers I believe there are many things that needs improving in the current system.

DAN URAI Lautoka


Speaker’s vote

In the article “Saneem clears the air on misread vote count” in FT 29/11, it appears that the Supervisor of Elections is saying that the Speaker can also vote in the proceedings of Parliament, whenever a vote is being called for.

If that’s what he meant, than I humbly beg to differ, based on what is provided in the Constitution. Subsection (2) (a) and (3) of Section 69 in our Constitution, states that the Speaker does not have any casting vote in Parliament, neither is the Speaker’s presence in the Chambers counted, whenever a quorum in Parliament needs to be determined, or whenever a vote needs to be taken.

So, to state that the Speaker can vote, is procedurally and constitutionally incorrect.

If I have erred in interpreting what the Supervisor said, then I take it back and humbly apologise.



Ministry response

For a change, there was a response from a government ministry (FT 30/11).

It said, Ministry of Local Government.

This consolidated it’s official status.

Are times changing with The Fiji Times?


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