Letters to the Editor: Saturday, July 11, 2020

SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka. Picture: FT FILE

The new secretary

The Fiji Times’ front page (FT 09/07), above Mr Rabuka’s picture was a caption that says ‘Duituturaga says time for next generation’.

Was this statement made after consultation within? I mean, was the party constitution followed?

Does the new secretary now run the party so that she can make such a statement?

We’ve just came out of a sad situation, a very sad one whereby one half of the party took internal matters to court to be resolved, and another half of the same half went to the Supervisor of Elections to put SODELPA back in.

Now the same half that stood for the constitution in the first half are trampling on the constitution on the second half – what a game.

No more — one bilo each, from the same mix — matters resolved in the iTaukei way.

This is a dispute-solving approach that has been proven for generations as the best way, because both parties win and everything is intact.

“Next generation” means it has to go to court. Poor us, someone else has to decide on our behalf on trivial matters.

One of the main purposes of hiring a consultant to recruit was neutrality. Was this the next generation’s way of transparency?

It’s obvious that the candidate was already in the bag and the whole recruitment drive is a spending exercise. So much for accountability, like Mr Saneem said, a constitutional crisis.



Road woes

Picture in The Fiji Times 10/07 “eyewitness” shows road junction at Kings and Kinoya roads being flooded when it rains. What about the pool of water blocking one lane of the Kings Rd near the entrance of Standard Concrete Industries Ltd in Nasinu?

This pool of water has been there for at least more than four months now. These pools are a road hazard which pose a great risk to motorists and pedestrians, not forgetting the damage it is causing to the road seal. In my opinion, we do not have suitable personnel in Fiji, both local and expatriates, to fix the problem because of its prolonged existence.

Maybe, we now have to hire a “rocket scientist” from abroad to fix this problem!

VINESH PRASAD Vuci Rd, Nausori


Wonderful initiative

Thank you Raymond Singh (FT 10/07) for your idea of free lunch for helping hands. It is a wonderful thought as it not only will motivate them but will make them feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Of course, most of them don’t help for the purpose of appreciation, and rather do it with a kind and open heart but this gesture of yours is a very kind thought.

Imagine if all businesshouses come up with similar thoughts.

May God bless you.



Print money

I wonder if the A-G knows what Mr Narube meant when he suggested to “print money”?

I believe it was not what was explained during the Nadi budget consultation (FT 10/07).

DAN URAI Lautoka


Nasinu rubbish

The Nasinu Town Council had to activate all resources to clear the green and white goods that was overdue by about three months.

At some locations, multiple trucks were used to cart the refuse away from a single pile and I believe the team is making good progress.

However, on the other hand I noticed that only one day after the detritus was cleared the people began dumping again recklessly and without fear.

This is an opportune time for the organisation’s enforcement team to be about and fine the offenders with the view to prevent the residents engaging in this unethical behaviour.

Non-action by the council’s enforcement team will have mediocre results and the problem will come to square A again.

The enforcement officers are the catalyst for change to the problem and they have a duty of care to keep the municipality free from the biological and the safety hazards on a continuous basis.

I once approached the former CEO of the municipality to form a watch team in the neighbourhood in reporting environment abuses but he could not understand the mechanics of the suggestions made.



Emotional response

Reading brother Soko’s anger and frustration over how his family was treated by the media is very honest and sad too because they were the first family to be collateral damage of a warfare with a pandemic that the rest of the world and Fiji was not ready for.

Please do forgive us brother … forgive the Government of the day … no one was ready for all this kind of stuff but now we are able to handle it in a professional manner because we now know how to fight it.

Misaele Temo Fokilau South Penrith, NSW, Australia


New money

Printing of new money could have serious implications.

This would mean more cheap money in the economy and a rise in inflation.

Therefore, such initiatives which are more targeted towards the poor and the financially vulnerable may not be the end result.

I believe this will again lead to a situation where the rich can afford and the poor may not.

PRANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi


FSC properties

I believe the sale of FSC properties by way of single insert in both the papers is disconcerting.

Why were more advertisements not placed?

I trust that if reasonable offers are not received that the properties will be re-advertised in more suitable times.



Flea market

The flea market concept has been a hit. People have their choices of what they want to consume.

Do we have authorities monitoring the quality of food that is being sold?

RANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi


Food please

Could the Australian and New Zealand governments give the people of Fiji meat, dairy, flour and rice on a regular basis until the COVID system improves?

I would have written direct to the PMs of Australia and NZ if I knew their email addresses.

To the A-G could you drop the duty on lamb and mutton chops?



Police issue

The news report that eight police officers face 24 charges for assaulting two men (FT 10/07) made me wonder if this reflected the policing culture in post coup Fiji?

Is that the Pacific way of policing?

RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia


Sevens series

Was it really fair for the New Zealand All Blacks team to be awarded the 2019/2020 HBSC World Rugby Sevens Series title?

Well they can claim that they won several tournaments but thanks to restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, they are adding another title to their collections.

Meanwhile, one hopes that the Olympics does take place as it is another chance to stamp our mark as the undisputed champions.



Budget option

I believe it will give the budget allocation team of the Economy Ministry food for positive thought and may improve their preparation.

DAN URAI Lautoka


No shortcuts

Please Mr Minister, no shortcuts on the quarantine regulations.

If its 14 or 28 days, make them stay because that clears Fiji from COVID-19.

Death does not do shortcuts.

JOE MATATOLU Lot 9, Waila 3A


New normal

New normal is our temporary lifestyle while transiting from pre-COVID-19 period to post-COVID-19 period.


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