Letters to the Editor – November 28

Frank Lomani on the attack against Scotland. Picture: IAN MUIR.

Lomani’s breakthrough

The saying “there’s no substitute for hard work” was echoed by Savusavu rookie Frank Lomani as he makes his debut for the Barbarians against Argentina for the Killik Cup at Twickenham. Lomani was impressive for the Fiji Airways Drua side and his sterling performance earned him a starting spot for the Flying Fijians, relegating Seniloli to the bench. Lomani has also secured a contract with Melbourne Rebels and will play alongside his fellow countrymen Kitione Ratu, Marika Koroibete and Sefanaia Naivalu. Lomani’s family must be excited with his achievement and I’m sure they’d love to see their son don the national jumper in Japan. My best wishes to Lomani as he dons the Barbarians jumper on Sunday morning and will play with the likes of Etzebeth, Pollard, Crockett, Jones and Benvenuti! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Commuter safety

How about we change our slogan this festive season from road safety to commuter safety? Maybe it will change the mind-set of drivers on our roads to prioritise commuters’ lives and safety by adhering to road rules. Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu

Our politicians

THEY were all mean and condemning each other before the election as if none of them hadn’t flipped. If there is going to be compromise in all matters moving this island nation forward, then the negative arguments and finger pointing of others should stop but be the change in encouraging others and expressing positive criticism. I believe if all government ministers and politicians are to be called or addressed as “honourable” so and so, then behave and speak like one! AREKI DAWAI Suva

Jerry misses out

Once again heartbreak for Fijians as Jerry missed out the men’s 7s player award which was given to USA’s Perry Baker. Comparing Jerry’s achievements to Baker’s hurts and I’m wondering how on Earth did the “Baker fever” hit the awards ceremony. While I don’t dispute the 15s awards to Irish Joe Schmidt (best coach) and Jonathan Sexton (best player), I am confused about the selection criteria. Baker won only one tournament compared to Jerry’s five tournament wins. Jerry was also part of the 2017-18 WRSS dream team. Anyways, I guess for any of our players to take the prestigious award next year, he will have to be the top try scorer as players who have won past awards have been scoring great tries! To Jerry, you will remain the apple of our eyes. Continue to shine and your efforts will be rewarded! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Vehicle emissions

When will the Land Transport Authority start testing and controlling motor vehicle emissions? We continue to preach about caring for our environment but yet we are lax towards our vehicles spewing out toxic pollutants like there is no tomorrow. I’ve had to drive behind vehicles bellowing thick, black smoke that penetrated the airconditioning and left me suffocating, making it riskier to concentrate on my driving. LTA must start testing vehicle emissions during vehicle registration and roadworthy renewals and at regular roadside checks. Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Voting system

I refer to my earlier letter (FT 22/11) and subsequent response from Selwa Nandan of Lautoka on 24/11. Both these letters were transferred to social media by Allen Lockington. I wish to thank both of them since we had more comments from the public. I totally agree with Selwa Nandan that the system here does not allow the candidate with more votes to enter Parliament. Instead the unpopular ones with eg., 577 votes become ministers. I believe the main problem lies in our 2013 Constitution. I believe there was hardly any public consultation or involvement. I believe this is clearly stated by a world recognised constitution expert Professor Yash Ghai (FT 10/11). To his bold comments there is no response from anyone so far. Though I am not a member of SODELPA, I agree with two issues this party raised earlier. The party leader Sitiveni Rabuka mentioned that once in power he would do his best to review the 2013 Constitution since this is imposed on the public. The other issue raised by him which I appreciate is to allow Professor Brij Lal and his wife to visit Fiji freely since this is the country of their birth. To me it’s a mystery as to why these two academics are barred from entering Fiji. VIJAY MAHARAJ Navua

Sad day

Sunday morning was a sad day at our village in Namuka, Macuata, midway between Labasa and Udu Point, along the coast; they could not watch our boys play France because it did not show on Sky Pacific.  The Sky Pacific channel and gadgets had to be paid for, of course, because the free to air channels were not accessible there. So to watch they paid. They waited in anticipation; the Flying Fijians were going to play France! It would have been a sad and pitiful sight for sure; it is not often we get to watch our boys on tour playing Test matches against world-class teams. More the pity because
they paid, they pay every month; the subsistence farmers/fishermen they are. MOSES FONG, Suva

Communalism issue

If our Parliament is to get rid of communalism, then who will our representatives speak for in Parliament? Isn’t communalism part of our society and citizens whom every member represents in Parliament? I believe most of our parliamentarians got their ticket through communal support. I believe we need our voices to be heard rather than be suppressed. Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu

Changing mind-set

In this time and age, change is not only inevitable but it’s happening at an unbelievably fast pace! There is no doubt that all Fijians want change for the better, for themselves, for their children, and for the future generation. While change is exciting for some of us, there are also some of us that can’t be bothered and stand ready to go with the flow. On the other hand, there are also some of us who regard change as something to fear, and the concept of change is so terrifying to them that they outrightly reject it. This rejection could stem from such things as the lack of communication or from the fact that change is happening so fast that they feel left behind. Fear could also have been bred from the knowledge of a record of the countries’ bad political history leading to a lack of trust for our leaders, and from having been given no room to allow them to express their fears. It is unfortunate that while many want to live a better lifestyle there are also those of us who are hardwired and simply don’t like the idea of change because change requires hard work, it demands struggle and is not just a given! Sadly, the very striving and hard work that comes with change is exactly what this category of citizens so constantly try to avoid, which happens to be the very essence of change. To grow as a nation we must first respond positively to change. There will be hardships but we must not be discouraged, instead we ought to be determined to do our very best and hold our heads up high. Change has got to start from those sitting in Parliament and especially those in the Opposition bench. There are no limits to our possibilities as a nation and the only limitation or the lack of it is in our own minds. Change your mind-set and you will discover the potential you never thought you had! Be a responsible MP and make it happen! Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Blues win

Lautoka have done Fiji proud by winning this year’s Ram’s Maintenance Pacific Cup championship after downing defending champions NZFFI All Stars 1-0 thanks to Anthony Frangie’s beauty. The Blues were our top bets after recording back to back local league and IDC titles and finishing runner-up to team Wellington in the O-League final. After winning $10k in Sydney, the Kamal Swamy-coached outfit faces the Men in Black in the CVC series and I’m sure they will give Ba a tough time. My buddy Nishant was on cloud nine and so was Anginesh Prasad. While I congratulate the Sugar City brigade for winning the Pacific Cup, I wish the side all the best for the CVC series against traditional giants Ba! Koi toh roko! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Where’s Steven

The cry of pain and “stop Steven” woke the neighbourhood in the early hours of the morning. A young lady lay sprawled on the roadside as her young son struggled to help his mum. Brave Steven had disappeared into the dark passageway provided by the footpath leading to Rifle Range from the Kenani church. A streetlight or two along this shortcut may help deter such act of violence in future. Dan Urai Lautoka

Silver bullet

THAT’S education! Education is everything. We need to overhaul our system. A gigantic, monumental change. Schools should be palaces for our young. Competition for the best teachers should be fierce, not contractually obligated. They should be making the upper echelons of five to six figure salaries. Education should be incredibly expensive for the Government and absolutely free for its citizens. Bite that! MANOJ LAL PATEL Drasa Ave, Lautoka

Our Speaker

I would have preferred our parliamentary Speaker to be chosen from one of those parties that failed to get over the 5 per cent threshold for neutrality’s sake. Otherwise, next election I believe the voters should be given the power to vote for their candidate and Speaker of their choice to prove that we truly own the Parliament. Let us be the first in the whole world to do just that. Pita Soroaqali Nadarivatu

Ro Filipe

I never cease to always quietly admire the way Ro Filipe Tuisawau often conducts himself. He is a man who stands for truth, integrity and love. I would be the most satisfied citizen of the land if he becomes our Prime Minister. Best wishes in your tenure as an MP, sir! Joeli Naleca Natabua, Lautoka




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