Letters to the Editor: Monday, October 26, 2020

Vatemo Ravouvou of Jack's Nadi attack against Namosi in Farebrother trophy challenge at ANZ Stadium. Jack's Nadi won 22-21. Picture: RAMA

Congratulation Jack’s Nadi

Heartiest congratulations Jack’s Nadi for the awesome come from behind win, with about three minutes remaining, to score a nail-biting winning try in the corner to lift the holy grail of Fiji rubgy, the Farebrother Sullivan Trophy, on Laucala turf at the ANZ Stadium, Saturday afternoon. Awesome victory won with 14 men in the final quarter.

A remarkable feat against holders Namosi. Guess we learnt in loss to Nadroga in Skipper Cup after leading 12-3 at one stage.

Vina du va levu na lemamutou saravou na qaqa kogile. One sad, shameful and needless blemish. We did not need a red card courtesy of our half back for stomping. Madua levu saraga.

Nevertheless, we proudly take this sweet victory.

Winning was easier with 14 men. Defending against Tailevu will be tough. Well done, Jack’s Nadi.

Please do not celebrate, just yet. RONNIE CHANG Martintar, Nadi


Win for supporters

I know what it’s like in Nadi when the holy grail of local rugby returns.

O matou ko, o au ko or na vanua ko and many other promotional desires niggling to make their way in for a piece of cake.

Defending the Farebrother Sullivan Trophy will be a weight on the Nadi rugby coaching team. Come what may, too many cooks will spoil the soup.

So stick to your job description and leave the homework to the appointed coaches to fully carry out their duty.

Vina du boys, coaching team and manager Samuela Navale for dedicating the win to the supporters.

All the best. AREKI DAWAI Maharaj Place, Bureta St, Samabula, Suva


Great weekend

WHAT a great weekend filled with sporting upsets!

The Jetsetters finally wrestled the holy grail of Fiji Rugby from holders Namosi.

Tailevu pipped Naitasiri and Rewa returns to premiership rugby following a narrow win over arch rivals Northland. However, I’m bitterly disappointed with news that my Suva team won’t be challenging for the Farebrother Trophy as had been confirmed initially by FRU.

I clearly remembered. It made the headlines in our newspaper. I’m more disappointed with the cancellation of the much anticipated Barbarians and England match following some Barbarian players breaking COVID and camp restrictions.

Tailevu will be perhaps the last team to challenge the Farebrother Trophy next weekend which is likely to be held at Prince Charles Park.

Once again, a massive congratulations to Nadi and huge respect to Namosi for having defended the Farebrother trophy for a few challenges.

Qaqa jko na rakavi e Viti! Chiuu… ALIPATE TUBERI Suva


Political issue

WHILE having a basin of grog with friends in Waiyavi on Thursday, a political issue came up and it was debated by the groggers. Among the many taki the subject was thrown around and names of people were mentioned.

Two issues were about people arrested for corruption and sex. Then someone said, “the events of 2000 were supposed to have been a clean up campaign, right”.

The topic came to an end when someone said, “from clean up campaign to FICAC”.

He referred to the news about a law student who has been allegedly posing as a director legal at the Attorney-General’s Office and obtaining money by false pretences and has been remanded in custody by the Suva Magistrates Court.

“Right under the noses of the authorities,” one quipped. Then someone said, “OK sa rauta”(Enough).

The topic was changed to the Bledisloe Cup. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka


Noble banner blue

MY son Sadhil Kartikaye Gosaiy, 17 years of age, has penned a few words in relation to the 50th Independence celebration and gave to me to read. I could not help but share his sense of patriotism at such an age and hope that other teenagers of his age are sharing such sentiments for their beloved noble banner blue.

Noble banner blue

Raise the noble banner blue Come together and march it through

Blow the davui, beat the drums And tell the world how far we’ve come

Kathak and meke, temples and churches

Side by side our cultures entwined

Ceded to Britain, under a Queen

Came the people from a land unseen

Who toiled the land and farmed the cane

A century passed, our freedom gained

Chiefs, pundits and molvis came

To celebrate the day Tui Viti Cakobau came

Signed the cesion in Fiji’s name

Fifty years of time and change

But our people have remained the same

Fijians from far and away

Unite in joy and pain, as we pray

With Fiji always in our hearts

We’ve vowed to never part. By Sadhil Kartikaye Gosaiy Rishikul Sanatan College. SUNIL GOSAIY Lautoka


Meaningful discussions

JOHN Kamea’s excellent article (ST 25/10) on Tessa Mackenzie and the single national electoral roll system used in Fiji raises his hopes for a “positive and meaningful discussion” as we approach the 2022 elections, as John suggests perhaps a few changes in laws are required.

Unfortunately, if those changes relate to the system of voting, as in section 53 of the Constitution, then you will be waiting a long time for any movement at all as section 160 of the Constitution states that any change to the constitution requires a Bill to be passed in Parliament incorporating the changes and that Bill to be passed by at least three quarters of the members of the house which means that both major parties must agree on the proposed changes and since FijiFirst went to so much time and trouble to get their Constitution fool proof, highly unlikely they would agree to changes.

If that Bill is somehow passed in the house, the proposed change then has to go to a national referendum which must receive the approval of at least three quarters of the registered voters.

Since only 71.27 per cent of registered voters turned out for the last election, that would have meant that if a referendum had been voted on and even if every single voter who turned up to vote had also voted yes to a referendum, the change would still have failed. TERRY HULME Eastwood, NSW, Australia

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