Letters to the Editor – May 25, 2019

The Princes Rd sign opposite Khalsa Road,Tamavua. Picture: RAMA

Princes or Princess Road

SO a colleague of mine out of curiosity asked us what’s the correct name of Princes/Princess Road. Google map told us it was Princess Rd — which we all confidently agreed to. The street signs also show Princess Rd so it must be right. But that didn’t deter our colleague as he wrote to Fiji Roads Authority to get confirmation on the official name. Any guesses! Yes, it is called Princes Rd, named after Prince Charles after he visited Fiji. Google was not right for once! SANDEEP PRASAD Nadera, Nasinu

Communication issues

THIS morning (Thursday) a little after 9am, I tried once again to contact the Health Department of the Suva City Council, first by email and then by phone. I had unsuccessfully emailed and phoned the council a week ago. The response to the email message was, “Failed to send your message. Contact the administrator by another mode”. This was followed by calling the SCC number 3313433 and I was told to call 401, the health extension. There was no response. I then called the direct number of this department, 9978734. Again there was no response. I sought to contact the Health Department as there appears to be a sewer leak in a neighbouring property and there are serious issues in how the occupants dispose of their household waste. The quality of e-governance in the capital’s council administration appears to be either unsatisfactory or non-existent. Telephone communication also appears to be erratic. Perhaps the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission may want to investigate the council administration for taking ratepayers’ money without providing proper services. Perhaps Mr Joel Abraham, the commission CEO might want to get on the national television and call for ratepayers to lodge their complaints with the commission. PROF VIJAY NAIDU Raiwai, Suva

Let’s get our priorities right

THE New Zealand Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has raised alarm and is advising New Zealanders in Fiji or visiting Fiji to be aware of increasing thefts and assault on tourists in Suva. The notice states that theft and assault have been reported by locals and tourists alike, with most occurring at night and in urban areas. Tourism Fiji is currently holding the Fijian Tourism Expo (FTE) at the Denarau Island Convention Centre at Sheraton Fiji Resort in Nadi to promote and showcase the great diversity and quality of tourism products in Fiji. So here we are investing huge resources to try and encourage and increase tourists arrivals and on the other hand we are letting thieves do their business to steal from these visitors? So much emphasis and resources given towards fighting a losing marijuana battle and little to nothing towards fighting against thieves. I have a simple message to Government and it comes from close to three decades of experience in the tourism industry. Throughout my career going back to the very early ’80s, I was approached and asked by hundreds if not thousands of tourists to our shores on how they can get hold of some marijuana for recreational use. One only needs to research countries that have decriminalised marijuana to see the boost in tourists arrivals to understand what I’m talking about. Throughout my career I’ve had to deal with complaints of theft at every property I worked at and also outside of the property mainly in urban centres. So in retrospect, it would therefor make total sense that we focus our resources more towards fighting and tackling the thieving problems that is so prevalent throughout the nation. For the sake of tourism growth we really need to get our priorities right! SIMON HAZELMAN Rava Estate, Savusavu

Tariff increase

ENERGY Fiji Ltd (EFL) is asking for a 17.27 per cent tariff increase. As reported in yesterday’s paper (24/05), the increase in tariff is to enable EFL to meet its debt covenants made by lenders and provide comfort to the Fijian Government as the sovereign guarantor for EFL’s borrowing. Last year EFL made a $1.9 million bonus payout which was also commended by the Fijian Government. Reports reveal that this was the third time in a row. Something is not right. How can they afford to pay bonuses for a third time in a row and have the decency to ask for a tarriff increase to service its debt. I suggest a pay cut and let’s start from the top. SAILOSI NAEWE, Nausori

Sevens series deciders

AS we head for the final two tournaments of the 2018/19 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series; the biggest question we Fiji 7s fans are pondering is: Can our boys make it or lose out again this year? Last year, our boys missed the mark and slipped, allowing South Africa to win the series by just a two points margin –– 182 to 180. I believe this narrow loss last year was the main motivator in this current series but right now, USA leads by 145 while we are three points behind with 142. The good news is New Zealand is third on 130 points, which means Fiji has a good chance to take the lead in London or team USA continues to lead the points table. We have a good team and we all hope that our boys make it to the final or even win the London leg. For now, Fiji 7s fans all shout out with one voice: Go Fiji, go! SAVENACA VAKALIWALIWA Suva

Our 2018 London

win FIJI went into the 2018 London 7s final unbeaten. In pool play, Fiji downed Argentina 28-19, Scotland 39-12 and NZ 27-7 and hammered underdogs Canada 40-7 and Ireland 38-12 in the quarters and semis respectively while South Africa beat NZ and England 14-5 and 29-19 in the quarters and semis respectively. The Blitzboke were skinned by Samoa 21-12 in the last pool match after the green machine thrashed Russia 31-0 and Canada 17-7. Paula, Nasoko, Josua, Jerry, Nasilasila, Tuisova, Radradra and Sevu made the starting line-up while Geduld, Soyizwapi, Sage, Nel, Kok, Oosthuizen and Gans made the Blitzboks starting line-up. It was time for aggression and action as Welshman Craig Evans was given the ominous task of officiating the epic final between the series best teams. Within 13 seconds Fiji was reduced to six players as Sevu was shown the yellow card. South Africa took advantage of this and Gans scored a try. In addition, Fiji had made three errors within the first five minutes and it took a burst from Tuisova to put Fiji on level terms. After the break, Fiji gained momentum and showed class during breakdown. As the noise reverberated around the stadium Paula forced his way to the opposition try line as a result of some excellent play from Jerry. However, our lead was short-lived as Nel climbed high to take Senatla’s pass to dot near the corner. Finally, Fiji’s Jazzman found his way to the try line and despite Zain Davids scoring South Africa’s third try Fiji defended well to win the 2018 Marriott London 7s title and extend the lead on the WRSS overall points table to seven points. RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Good one

WHAT started as a concern by Skipper seems to have woken a few people up. They are now checking on undersized crabs and now I read they are also concerned with the kawakawa and donu. Thank you Fisheries Ministry, especially to their PS. Good one. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Waiyavi, Lautoka

Liquidity crisis

WHAT is this “liquidity crisis”? There is none in Fiji says ANZ researchers. Ha! Ask those who have spread themselves thin. I am sure they are “wetting their pants”. MANOJ LAL PATEL Lautoka

Love of your life

THERE are many complexities to life but some definitions can be confusing. While travelling from Nausori to Nadi recently, I overheard one gentleman stating that he loved his wife. He claimed that she is the love of his life. He also stated that she is the pain of his life. Call it pain. Call it love. Like they say, it’s confusing but sweet at the same time. Have a lovely weekend and love the love of your life while you have the chance to. FLOYD ROBINSON Toorak, Suva

Marijuana issue

SIMON Hazelman stated in his letter (FT 24/05) titled “Marijuana issue”, in approximately the exact tone to what the A-G was quoted to have said in an article in FT 15/05 page two, “No, marijuana is not necessarily a key issue and yes, we need to focus more on synthetic drugs.” Then Simon, in another letter on actually the same day (FT 24/05) titled “Green yaqona”, stated, “Some of the resources used to fight illicit drugs need to be diverted to fighting the licit drug in yaqona.” Areh? ANTHONY SAHAI Suva

Power tariff

ENERGY Fiji Ltd (EFL) has made a submission to the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission to increase the electricity tariff rate per unit by 17.27 per cent. The reason given is to pay off the debts. What about cutting down on unnecessary expenses by EFL? Have you thought of that? Why should we, the consumers, pay for your mismanagement? NARDEO MISHRA Suva All the best A LESSON learnt. However, all the best to Cikamatana. DAN URAI Lautoka


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