Letters to the Editor – March 3, 2019

Iron rods sticking out from this partially covered manhole in front of the Elixir Hotel in Suva have been there for sometime now. Picture : JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Sportsman of the Year
THE Fiji Rugby Union has taken out most of the  awards on the night, being “Coach of the Year” to Drua coach, Team of The Year for the Drua team, “Sports Organisation of the Year” and the icing on the cake the “Sportsman of the Year” to Alifereti Veitokani. Throughout the year, I have praised this young man from Tokatoka in Tailevu to be the “Sportsman of the Year”. From provincial rugby, national rugby, international rugby he dominated
in every aspect and even is making headlines with his new club the London Irish. Congratulations Alifereti Veitokani for making your village, your province and your country proud. TOMASI BOGINISO, Nasinu

Air gauges
CAN the relevant fuel companies in Labasa inform us about why the air gauges in all their service stations are defective. Isn’t it a requirement?

Not eligible
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 winner and well done. Unfortunatly, a gold medallist was not eligible for consideration. DAN URAI, Lautoka

Suva history
ALLEN could start with “A history and Guide to Suva” by Albert Schutz, 1978, which has a little about Thurston Gardens and the museum. I don’t think that there is any doubt that the original Suva Village was located thereabouts. See also “Fiji” by Sir Alan Burns, HMSO 1963 p67. According to my old friend Sir Len Usher the village burial grounds lay on both sides of Cakobau Rd close to where the now demolished Suva lawn tennis clubhouse used to stand. MICHAEL SCOTT, Morris St, Lautoka

Ineffective system
I BELIEVE the uproar from the Fiji Public Service Association regarding the performance review and appraisal scenario at the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service is a repeat of what happened to teachers some years ago under the Performance Management System. I believe these events uncover the ineffectiveness of appraisal system within the civil service. Unlike the private sector where performance reviews are conducted at a personal individual level to decide on appraisal, I believe the civil service approach applies an across the board system. In the civil service, workers are systematically banded together and I believe this bunching fails to separate the deserving from the undeserving. The tiring exercise of form filling is a resource wasting one. I believe employees in the private sector have specific dates for their next meaningful review unlike their counterparts in the civil service. I believe the civil service should change its current approach surrounding reviews and appraisals to an individual based system.

Award night
IT could have been better if those sports people who passed away in 2018 had been remembered some way or the other. As promised that there would be speeches by the winners and they were hardly given a chance even though they were represented by family members but they might have come
prepared or the winners could have been contacted through a live conversation. The organisers surely knew where they were well before the night through our digital world. To my surprise some of the most popular sports were not even nominated and was there any effort in getting these organisations to submit their nomination for sports like volleyball, boxing, bowling, darts, tennis, shooting and chess to name a few. Having an award of “Referee of the Year” would be better as most of our referees or umpires are making it into the world arena, maybe Della Shaw could have won the award but the name of the award seems to be having the public mix-up up. And lastly what was the “surprise of the night” promised days before the
night? TOMASI BOGINISO, Nasinu

World league
EIGHTH in the world but not good enough for the 12 in the world league. Do not call it world league then. Call it the elitist league  Fiji stands at eighth in the “world”. In the “world”. Pompous much? MANOJ LAL PATEL, Drasa Avenue, Lautoka



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