Letters to the Editor – March 17, 2019

Water waste burst along Waimanu road next to the CWM hospital needs to be fixed. Picture: ATU RASEA

Regular white man

THE Australian Breton Tarrant, the perpetrator of the Muslim massacre in Christchurch, claims he is just a “regular white
man”. That’s so scary. How many more of the Breton Tarrant variety are out there in our midst? RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

Working hours

I HAD wished the CEO of this foods company had said that workers can come to work at any time, full stop. Which would have made this foods company the most admired company to work for. But he added that it had to be anytime before 8am, which comes to the same norm. We can fully understand the rationale on why we have to be at work at a certain time. But times are changing and with traffic congestions and workers struggling with work life balance, it would take a mature and bold organisation to take the step towards flexible working hours and even working remotely from home. All work cannot be done
from home but allowing workers two or three days to work remotely and allowing flexible hours for certain days will not only
improve productivity but will also boost workers morale. There are some roles that require workers to be at work at a certain time but for those that can be allowed flexible hours, should be given this privilege. Most workers leave home at 6am and reach
home about six or seven in the evening. In a day, they spend two hours in traffic, about 10 hours at work and only an hour or two at home to spend with their loved ones. It’s good to see that Government has imposed laws to encourage more work
life balance but organisations should also proactively find innovative ways to allow for this balance. SAILOSI NAEWE
Naduru Rd, Nausori

Illegal parking

THE Land Transport Authority (LTA) is advising motorists not to park cars illegally at Damodar City as this could result in fines or penalties being imposed against them. I believe this is a short term solution, realistically the hundreds of customers at Damodar City need taxi service but unfortunately there is no sufficient taxi service provided within the premises hence customers stop taxis in a no parking area. Has LTA considered how the hundreds of passengers will get a taxi after shopping.
How will the elderly travel from Damodar City? The problem in Damodar City is not taxidrivers rather it’s a badly designed traffic area. The laws in Fiji seems to be only enforced on then motorists, if you park illegally you get a hefty fine but it’s okay for a pedestrian to jaywalk. Pedestrians must also obey signals and use crosswalks at signalised intersections and the LTA and
police must also enforce these laws on pedestrians and not only motorists. If a pedestrian unexpectedly jaywalks and is
hit by a vehicle, you will be charged and sent to the remand centre but nothing happens to the instigator of the incident. At an intersection where the driver is proceeding in a straight line and a pedestrian walks in front of the vehicle, the driver needs to
stop and remain stopped until the pedestrian has made it all the way to the other side of the street. How come the police
and LTA don’t stop people who jaywalk? All motorists infringe but the law must apply equally to motorists and pedestrians for a safer road. A lot of education must be focused towards pedestrians and laws enforced upon them. I don’t condone intentional
traffic infringement but the LTA and police must take a holistic approach to rectify this problem. Let’s be fair and enforce
laws on both guilty parties. DHARMENDRA KUMAR, Rewa St, Suva

New PS

SOME five decades after independence an Australian expatriate gets appointed as PS Local Government (FT 12/3). What
kind of independence is that! RAJEND NAIDU, Sydney, Australia

Nadi station

I WAS happy to read that Nadi will have a new police station by 2020. (FT 16/3) That’s next year. Could something be done about the old police station in Lautoka? It’s an eyesore now. But thank you for the new Nadi police station, I just hope it will get done and not like the Lautoka swimming pool, I’ve been wearing my Speedos ever since the groundbreaking ceremony.
My stomach is getting bigger and the Speedo is getting tighter. I’m starting to worry about the crown jewels. ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Unclaimed funds

FNPF has once again disclosed that it has unidentified contributions. The reason has been stated as incomplete information
provided by the employees. All new employees have to complete a form which is basically a template. It contains basic details
of employees. It is the responsibility of the employees to furnish this requirement. If the employees fail in their responsibility, the loss is ultimately theirs. Their money does not reach their accounts. By the way, for how long does unidentified contributions stay in the unclaimed deposits account and what eventually happens to it? MOHAMMED IMRAZ JANIF
Natabua, Lautoka



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