Letters to the Editor – Friday, 15th March, 2019.

Fiji's Jerry Tuwai in action at the Canada 7s in Vancouver. Picture: SUPPLIED

Referees’ decisions

In the recently concluded HSBC 7s rugby tournaments in Hamilton, Sydney, Las Vegas and Vancouver, I noted with some personal concern and sadness, some referees’ decisions, rightly or wrongly, seemed to go very expeditiously against our own Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team.

I will, however, allow to be stood corrected, with grace, dignity and respect.

Repeat referencing is not necessary, but, for the records, Australian 7s captain, Lewis Holland got away far too lightly and leniently, for his high, collar-fracturing shot on our own Nacuqu, that has ruled him out for the rest of this season.

It is even more saddening when this recklessly dangerous high shot was conveniently “missed” by duty referee and his two assistants. Biase, at its best, I reckon.

(Or am I biased)? Furthermore, an apology from Holland would have been decently accepted. Or, did I “miss” it? For the sake of 7s rugby, injustices must be singled out, addressed and corrected.

Former national 7s head coach, Ben Ryan a.k.a. Ratu Peni Raiyani, had that special knack, tact and diplomacy to address such discrepancies, his own way.

Similarly, I appeal to our current head coach, Gareth Baber to please follow his predecessor, with due courtesy and respect.

Injustices, of such nature, must always be addressed to protect our 7s gladiators. Their concentration can needlessly lapse, otherwise.

Ronnie Chang


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