Letters to the Editor – December 6

Taveuni islander Suliano Jese Koroinacika, 85, at his pineapple plantation. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Shining example

WOW, 85 and still going strong. Taveuni islander Suliano Jese Koroinacika is a shining quintessential of hard work, discipline and healthy living. For him to do what he does at this twilight age is no small feat. Thank you The Fiji Times for sharing this intriguing story which is truly inspiring. Unfortunately exemplary figures like Suliano are often overlooked for awards because they don’t do things to earn an accolade. But they are worthy of greater recognition. He sums up his secret recipe for a long and healthy life very aptly. “I’ve lived long because I make good use of time. I sleep at the right time. I eat at the right time. I don’t abuse grog and eat the right food. Once you learn how to use time wisely you will naturally get rid of things that take you down.” I salute you sir. You are my inspiration. May you live for 100 years and beyond. SELWA NANDAN Lautoka

Save the planet Planet

Earth has been whistling around the Sun for four billion years. It will continue to do so for another 13 billion years or so until it fries up as it closes on the Sun. The Earth has survived many cataclysmic events in its existence, shrugged them all off and continues on its way. It has experienced climate changes of massive scale and duration, and of course whatever flora and fauna existent during those events suffered greatly, many being wiped out. However, the planet survives all this but humans appear 200,000 years ago to wreak havoc. Here we are with a slogan “Save the planet”. Why? It isn’t going anywhere and will survive anything humans can throw at it. If, say, the slogan was “Save us humans from extinction”, a few more people might begin to believe something serious is afoot and do something about climate change. Someone recently commented on the worldwide plastic pollution problem. The opinion was it doesn’t really matter in the longer term as humans will become extinct sooner than they think and without us, nature will develop methods of dealing with the pollution we leave in our wake. It might take millions of years but in the end Earth will rejuvenate and prosper, hopefully without humans. Allan Loosley Tavua

NZ X factor

Tomasi Cama Jr has admitted that the presence of Fijian players was the factor in the success of the All Blacks 7s team in the desert of Dubai. The likes of Masirewa, Nicole, Vili Koroi played key roles to help the NZ side win the Dubai 7s and end a nine-year winless drought. Fijian heritage has been linked to the NZ 7s team’s phenomenal rise in 7s. The likes of Vidiri, Naholo, Tuilevu, Masirewa, Tom Cama Jr, Lote Raikabula, Raoma, Rocky Khan, Nareki, Rokolisoa, Joe Ravouvou and Salesi Rayasi have donned the All Blacks jumper and won tournaments with the most successful team on the circuit. These players proved that they read and understand the 7s game so well. Finally, Cama left an impression on readers with these words “NZ’s win in Dubai was through teamwork and a tough defensive structure. We know that every team can play when it comes to rugby, but when it’s time to dig deep and go into those dark moments, these boys man up to the job.” Hence, time for our boys to man up to the job in Cape Town. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

First impression

Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete is on the ball. He is in the right ministry with his medical background. From day one he has impressed me. Dr Waqainabete, thank you and I hope when you are in the Western Division do get your people to contact me. I have a few tips that could assist the Lautoka Hospital. And doctor, you have the best person to assist you in cousin Alex O’Connor. Congratulations to both of you, I know the Health Ministry is in good hands. When I was looking at the ministerial line-up, I consulted a few people and they said that this line-up seems to be a good one with the right people in place, I agreed. My first impression of you doctor impressed me. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Crude oil and all I

believe LPG is a by- product of crude oil and the world crude oil price has come down from $US65 ($F136) to $US53 ($F111). That’s a big drop and I am surprised how our LPG price has gone up. This has to be investigated as to how the price has gone up when the crude oil price is going down. This does not make sense. I hope this also does not happen with the motor spirit and diesel price which is due for review very soon. We expect a big drop in the retail price of super diesel. Happy Christmas in advance. Nardeo Mishra Suva

Cape Town 7s fever

As we count days to the scintillating and thrilling sold-out Cape Town 7s, I believe that more efforts are needed to end our losing jinx in Africa. Fiji has finished fifth for three consecutive years and our boys have a mammoth task ahead of them if we are to progress beyond the cup quarter-finals. During the past three tournaments, we lost respectively in the cup quarters to France, England and the Blitzboks. Barring any upset in Cape Town our boys could face USA or Argentina in the cup quarters. We have to top our pool and hope that USA also tops pool B so that we could play Argentina. Our pool is not too easy as England, France and Kenya will cross our path and Fiji will play without Nasilasila and Vota. We face a steep mountain and soulsearching is needed. However, I have learnt that nothing is impossible when the heart is willing. All the best boys in your bid to end our winless streak in Cape Town! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

First and foremost Fijians

The comments by our new Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete, during his maiden parliamentary speech, is one that needs to be echoed throughout the nation. He said that while he is iTaukei he is first and foremost a Fijian. It would, therefore, be prudent to say that while I am kailoma I am first and foremost a Fijian. While a friend of mine is Indian he is first and foremost a Fijian. While my favourite shopkeeper is Chinese, he and his family are first and foremost Fijians. While my neighbours are Europeans they are first and foremost Fijians. While our family friends are Rotumans, they are first and foremost Fijians. While close relatives have strong Gilbertese heritage, they are first and foremost Fijians. Mr Waqainabete also mentioned that he will champion equality because of his background and also because his granddaughter, Miriama Waqainabete, has multiple heritage. My iTaukei friend married my cousin and they have four beautiful children. My cousin married a Fijian of Indian descent and they have four beautiful children as well. A close Fijian of Indian descent friend of mine is married to an iTaukei and they have three beautiful children. My iTaukei neighbour is married to a Rotuman and they have a daughter and a son. My daughter lives with an iTaukei and I have a beautiful granddaughter. Interracial marriage has become much more common today than ever before. We are one people, made by one creator, living together in one country, which we all call home. Anyone who thinks otherwise is absolutely racist, unchristian and totally selfish. Dr Waqainabete is also a wise and Godly intellect who rightfully stated that the circumstances we find ourselves in is no doubt the will of God. Simon Hazelman Savusavu

Two-man rule

Is it really a two-man rule? Sukha Singh Labasa

Watch out

Sobo Reddy, the term “my government” is reserved only for one person. All the rest of us say, “our government”. Watch out or you could get an official letter saying so! Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

LPG price up

Your cartoon (FT 05/12) said it all. I would have the nozzles pointing upward though, bending just a wee bit at the tip towards the tank, because north is the direction prices of essential goods and services are headed most of the time. Oilei! Samu Railoa Tailevu

Twenty years ago

Some 20 years ago the value of my house was $30k. Today that same house is valued at $160k. My brother who was a senior civil servant used to get $1770 per annum in 1977, today his daughter earns more than that in a fortnight. The Minister for Health was trying to compare the pay from 20 years ago with today’s world. Honourable minister please don’t compare, because the price of things has gone up. The degree that the Minister for Health has, used to cost less 20 years ago compared with today. This is an honest truth. Prove me wrong honourable minister? Narayan Reddy Lautoka

Team combination

Our rugby sevens team once again did not win the Dubai 7s. Please Baber can you have a group of players who are senior players and have donned the Fiji jersey for some time as your core members? By this I mean in the Dubai 7s last week why was Alasio Naduva not named in the first line-up in cup quarter-final against USA? Naduva has been there from last season and played against Baker. We beg you Baber to have a team of players you trust and should be there in the first line-up. Jerry Tadulala Nasinu Rd, Nasinu

Thank you

A big thank you to the Lautoka Residents and Ratepayers Association for highlighting the non-draw of that raffle. (FT 4/12) I spent my hard earned money buying two tickets. Allen Lockington Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka


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