Letters to the Editor: Sunday, August 2, 2020

Soccer Football - Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, Britain - June 19, 2020 Manchester United's Paul Pogba in action with Tottenham Hotspur's Erik Lamela, as play resumes behind closed doors following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Glyn Kirk/Pool via REUTERS

Third place finish

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer silenced the critics after securing third place in the English Premier League and eventually securing Champions League football for next season.

Having had a poor start to the campaign in what was United’s worst start in 30 years, the squad held themselves together and proved why patience is required in reaching the top.

The arrival of Bruno Fernandes bolstered the season and the team has since been undefeated in the league.

With the youngest average age of 24.7 years, this United team bleeds positivity.

Now that the transfer window has opened, I wish to see the Red Devils sign big names and make this club great again.

Glory, glory Man United!



Vulnerable group

When one looks at experiences in other countries, one could surmise that the highest proportion of COVID-19-related fatalities and risks are those persons with “pre-existing medical conditions”, more so, the elderly and the senior citizens.

Evidently, this is because their bodies and immune systems may have already been weakened by the “conditions” and not strong enough to protect them from the ravages of this invasive viral infection.

Granted, that everyone regardless of health or age, is really at risk, but on balance, one could say that it is this particular group that is at the highest risk and among whom the number of deaths is the highest.

Our recent one and only tragic case this week brings this issue closer to home and painfully clear.

It really highlights the susceptibility of this particular high-risk group and the need to remain vigilant with regards to persons in this group — whether infected or not — given the recent resurgences in some countries overseas.

Perhaps, it may be wise and an opportune time to devise appropriate and specific proactive strategies now to protect this vulnerable group in our community while we still can and able.

The last thing we want or need is to be caught out and left wanting if we are ever faced with a resurgence and community transmissions in the future.



That budget

Like all my friends, I got very upset by the budget.

I didn’t feel the need to pen a letter about it though.

I knew some smart Fijians would do it for me (please excuse my laziness).

I’d like to thank that famous Labasa businessman for his two-page critique published in The Fiji Times on Saturday.

He just nailed it for me. I have nothing to add. Perhaps The Fiji Times can republish it every Saturday.

I know Simon Hazelman will hate it, but come on mate! You support a party which doesn’t talk to The Fiji Times!

You too are out of touch with reality. You can’t complain about The Fiji Times struggling to get information from the Government and the “overdose” of “third-party” critics. I believe the A-G will read and dislike my letter. I don’t care.



Opposition label

Perhaps Alvick Maharaj would like to elaborate on the labelling of the Opposition as a set of expired politicians.

I believe each one in the Opposition got far more votes than him in the 2018 General Election.


Chops debate With its substandard quality (bahut chaarbi) and inflated retail price, perhaps both sides of the august house can debate on the above for a change instead of the boring national budget rhetoric.

Biman can lead the “chops” charge.



Beautiful poem

I WISH to thank Nishant Singh of Lautoka for his beautiful poem (FT 01/08).

My only regret is that I am already retired otherwise I would have made my students repeat this with special rhythm every day in the classroom. VIJAY MAHARAJ Navua


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